Development of housing services and solutions

Online store for rental housing

The Lumo online store enables customers to choose and rent an apartment immediately. The online service has been well received and more than a thousand apartments have already been rented through it.

More than



apartments have been rented through the Lumo online store


The service has been further developed by complementing search criteria with new features that make it easier to find a suitable apartment. It is possible to search for an apartment based on the number of available parking places and limit the search entirely to new or renovated apartments. The customer can also sign up for a search alert that will send an e-mail message as soon as a suitable apartment becomes available.

A multi-use housing concept with more affordable overall rent

VVO Group constantly develops new housing solutions and services. A new housing concept, Lumo Kompakti, was designed for the needs of urbanising Finland, especially the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. In terms of overall rent, it is a more affordable option as well as a good housing option for those who appreciate efficient multi-use space. Lumo Kompakti was also developed through crowdsourcing among young people. The first Lumo Kompakti property is planned for Tikkurila in Vantaa.

Compared to usual apartments, the space of Lumo Kompakti apartments has multiple uses: for example, in a 30-square metre apartment, not a single square metre is wasted. The apartments have a multi-use space covering more than three square metres. The bathroom-toilet and the multi-use space are separated from the foyer with sliding doors, making the entrance spacious and easy to modify. With the sliding doors open, the entire space is accessible.

Car-share vehicles available for rent in several locations

In 2016, Lumo customers’ opportunity for car sharing was expanded to most of the cities where VVO Group operates. Car-share vehicles are now available in Espoo, Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Oulu, Tampere, Turku and Vantaa. As a Lumo benefit, the customers receive a substantial discount on renting a car-share vehicle after the first free use.

IoT ensures optimal living conditions

VVO Group and the network operator Digita tested the collection and utilisation of apartment temperature and humidity data in a joint pilot project during the spring 2016. In the pilot project, approximately 200 apartments were equipped with wireless sensors measuring temperature conditions. The goal was to adjust the systems in the property on the basis of the data collected so that living conditions stay optimal. Thanks to Digita’s solution, data collection was extremely cost-efficient. After the pilot project, VVO Group and Digita signed an agreement on the commercial utilisation of the technique.


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