Housing investments in growth centres

In five years, the company has invested nearly EUR 1.5 billion in market-based rental housing. In 2016, the Group’s investments in Finnish rental housing were EUR 696 million, and at the end of the review period, there were 1,536 new rental apartments under construction, of which 1,220 were in the Helsinki region.



EUR million investments in Finnish rental housing


The construction of new properties, the acquisition of existing ones and renovation develop and increase the supply of rental housing in the areas with strongest demand. The Group manages and develops its properties through long-term investments, cost-efficient maintenance and repairs. Our focus is on ensuring that the value of our property portfolio increases and that our properties are available for rent.


Number of apartments

Number of apartments40,19440,79341,15334,974


Apartment distribution

1 room 7,0667,066
2 rooms 17,87917,879
3 rooms 8,1118,111
4 rooms+ 1,9181,918


Nationwide apartment distribution

Helsinki Metropolitan area15,112
Rest of Southern Finland5,904
Western Finland8,057
Eastern and Northern Finland5,901


Net rental income (Lumo segment)

EUR million201220132014*20152016

*As of 2014, the Group adopted IFRS for its financial reporting.





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