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The anti-grey economy models used by the company exceed legislative requirements in many respects. We continuously monitor the fulfilment of contractor obligations for all of the companies in our supplier network through the Reliable Partner service at the website. Active anti-grey economy work is an essential part of our operations.

To support the implementation of purchasing principles, new purchasing guidelines were prepared and they are applied to all of VVO Group’s purchasing. The Group will observe sustainable principles in all purchasing and seek to conserve raw materials, energy and natural resources wherever possible. The Group will observe sound business practices at all times and operates in accordance with the ethical principles in relation to all suppliers and contractors.

Tax footprint and indirect employment effect

VVO Group’s estimated taxes and tax-like charges in 2016 exceed EUR 100 million. As estimated on the basis of the 2016 performance in RT’s/VTT’s report, the share of taxes and tax-like charges in VVO Group’s EUR 696 million investments in 2016 was 41 per cent; in the entire procurement chain, this amounts to approximately EUR 285 million including the tax effect of the properties acquired during the financial year.



indirect emmployment in person-years


In addition to providing employment to its personnel, VVO Group is a significant indirect employer as a purchaser and investor. The indirect employment effect of VVO’s property maintenance, cleaning, and renovation and building contracting totalled approximately 5,111 person-years in 2016.

An occupational safety index for construction sites

TR measurements (working conditions assessment) are a means of observing occupational safety on construction sites. These measurements monitor key factors affecting on-site accidents. From VVO Group’s perspective, these measurements are important for maintaining occupational safety at a good level. The Group has collected this information as from 2013.

In the tender stage, the project manager sets the minimum level of TR measurements. At the site start-up meeting, the target levels are specified with the contractor. At monthly construction site meetings, these TR figures are compared with actual figures measured on the site.

VVO Group's tax footprint 2016, EUR million

Income taxes 36.736.7
Property taxes 1.19.3
Transfer taxes 9.31.1
Employer contributions 3.93.9
VAT not remitted included in investments 18.418.4
VAT not included in other procurements 23.323.3
VAT remitted 3.63.6
Withholding tax for fees 5.05.0

TR measurements





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