Observations and conclusions

Effects on VVO Group

Urbanisation and internationali-sation

  • Population shift to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area is continuing and strengthening.
  • Regional separation in Finland is strengthening.
  • Within cities, the market is becoming divided.
  • Some customers are gravitating to city centres.
  • The demand for rental housing is concentrating on VVO Group’s operating locations.
  • Increasing emphasis is being placed on micro-market knowledge.
  • Continuing attention is being paid to the customer potential constituted by the employees of foreign technology companies that gravitate to the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Ageing population and smaller family sizes

  • Family sizes are becoming smaller, especially among those living in rental apartments.
  • Immigration is continuing and multiculturalism is becoming established.
  • The ageing of the population is continuing.
  • The average area of new apartments is already 45 sq m.
  • Senior citizens are using housing services.
  • Immigration is generating potential.

New technologies and digitalisation

  • Self-service that is not bound to time and place is increasing.
  • Smart homes and IoT are becoming more common.
  • Customer self-service solutions are being expanded.
  • New solutions (big data, sensors, smartlocks, digital business) are being piloted.
  • Customer information is being utilised.

Individuality and sense of community

  • Increasing emphasis is being placed on individuality, aesthetic requirements are becoming more demanding, and freedom of choice and the joy of personalisation are becoming more common.
  • Sense of community has expanded virtually from the home building to a wider context (personal networks).
  • The sharing economy, crowdsourcing, pop-up culture are becoming more common.
  • Ownership plays a smaller role for the younger generation.
  • Different experiments are being made in new development.
  • Resident activities are being developed and sense of community is being supported.
  • Resident activities are being differentiated by service class.

Environment and sustainable development

  • Construction control is becoming stricter, creating cost pressures in production and maintenance.
  • Consumers are expecting companies to operate responsibly.
  • Climate programme.
  • Ecological solutions that provide best overall advantages.





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