The personnel work in positions related to customers, investments and real estate development as well as in support functions. The Group’s transparent operating models and methods are at the core of good human resource management. Interesting tasks, good managerial work, clear targets and the opportunity to improve their circumstances and develop themselves create an inspiring working culture.

In the autumn, VVO Group launched the Extended Management Group. The model seeks to improve the personnel’s opportunities to participate in the development of the company’s operations. As a result of a vote, Marko Liikanen was elected as the representative of Heads of Units and Mikko Salkojärvi and Elise Hasselgren as the representatives of other personnel. The first meeting of the Extended Management Group was held on 17 November 2016.

The Group conducted the annual personnel survey in the autumn. As in previous years, the results were clearly better when compared to other similar white-collar-dominated workplaces: the company was rated in the second best category, AA+. The survey was conducted with the People Power method that focuses particularly on dedication and enthusiasm. The unit-level survey results had further improve with regard to indicators measuring team spirit and performance. Experiences of managerial work had also remained extremely positive and at a high level. When compared to the reference benchmarks, satisfaction was significantly higher with regard to how the company invests in well-being at work, strategy communications and efficient decision-making. In addition, other aspects that received positive feedback in the survey were, for example, personnel benefits and the working atmosphere.

Corporate Spirit Ltd awarded VVO Group the Suomen innostavimmat työpaikat 2017 recognition for being one of Finland’s most inspiring places to work, on the basis of the 2016 personnel satisfaction survey. The recognition indicates, among other things, that the Group has succeeded in developing its operations in cooperation with the personnel.

The new values were created together with the personnel

The annual Group-wide personnel training day concentrated on strategic emphases and the improvement of the customer experience. In addition, the significance of values at work was contemplated and values that best describe the company’s targets and operating culture were defined in groups. Value-related contemplation was part of the company’s value process that resulted in the new values: Happy to serve, Strive for success and Courage to change.

In strategic competence development, investing in sales management and building management renewal was continued. The A2 coaching project was expanded and linked with the development of resident service models in building management. Professional competence development and supplementary training continued.

In order to improve the occupational safety of the personnel, safety training was organised for everyone involved in customer service and policies related to workspace safety solutions and operating models were specified in further detail. The updated guidelines and principles were compiled into the Customer Service Safety Plan. Furthermore, orientation material was created in order to make it easier to commit operating methods to memory and provide safety guidance for new employees. The overall target of the project was to improve the general safety culture.

Innovativeness is part of the organisation culture

Innovativeness is part of the Group’s organisation culture. In 2016, numerous innovation events related to service culture and operational development were organised. Intranet offers access to the Ideapaja service wherein people can suggest new ideas with regard to any aspect of the company’s operations. Residents’ comfort was highlighted as a special theme in Ideapaja which culminated in a joint workshop.

In addition, an innovation competition was held for summer workers, and in a joint innovation day, they worked on different innovations related to housing and the development of the company. During the year, nearly 200 new ideas were created, and about 20 of them are currently being, or have already been, realised.

VVO Group was among the best employers in the Responsible Summer Job campaign

The Group hired more than 40 summer workers. In addition to substitute arrangements, the aim was to contribute, as a responsible company, to the development of youth employment and working life.

The Responsible Summer Job campaign rewarded the most responsible summer job employers in Finland in 2016. A total of 95 employers took part in the competition. Summer workers evaluated their employers on the basis of the application process, orientation training, meaningful tasks and equality, among other things. For the second time in a row, VVO Group plc was among the best companies in the major employer category, coming third this time.

Well-being at work focused on prevention

Investments in well-being at work and recreational activities continued to be significant. The personnel’s recreational club Hupari was revamped and it organised activities ranging from sports to arts and crafts as well as various common events.

In the spring, a well-being week was held, encouraging everyone to adopt healthy eating habits and engage in everyday physical activity. Communication with the Group’s occupational healthcare partner, Terveystalo, was expanded and made more efficient and flexible with a chat service, for example. The goal of the operating models was to enhance quick access to help in case of musculoskeletal overload, for example, and prevent the symptoms from getting worse.

During the year, the personnel’s sickness absences decreased to the minimum level and occupational healthcare costs reduced by approximately 20 per cent, thanks to, inter alia, preventive operating models.

New systems improve the efficiency of HR management

In the autumn, the Group adopted new HR systems for managing employment and personal information, invoices for travel and other expenses as well as recruitment processes. Automated processes and data transfers and mobile tools made HR management considerably easier and faster. Performance reviews (OMA discussions) and the performance bonus system will also be integrated into the system, which will bring significant advantages in controlling and monitoring performance.

The Järvenpää Home Centre relocated to the Home Centre of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in September, and the entire customer relationship organisation was restructured, which offered the personnel new career and position opportunities, among other things.

A competitiveness pact related to the company-specific collective agreement was signed with Trade Union Pro. In line with the national pact, the number of working hours was increased and the validity of the collective agreement was extended by one year.

Distribution of employees among various tasks

Rental operations and customer service78
Building management47
Marketing and communications8
ICT and development18
Financial management and financing39
Other tasks34

Age distribution of employees

Less than 201
More than 608

Personnel satisfaction

%2013 People Power Index2014 People Power Index2016 People Power Index
VVO group74.776.572.6
Control group656764

Geographic distribution of personnel



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